Creating a vision for 2025 through a fictional fashion brand inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The brand was presented during the event Triptych 2016.

EPIFYSE sees 2025 as the time in which ownership has become a luxury and society has shifted towards a system of renting and leasing. Regardless, the brand rebels against the end of ownership and the ideas that quell our endless hunger for the new, by giving fast-fashion a sustainable face.

The brand is inspired by the restless mind of Leonardo Da Vinci, who focused on the study of motion and the body, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, an iconic artist who mocked society’s standards. By delivering garments that fade and eventually dissolve, the brand believes in embracing the fast pace of time to intensify the moment. It is in a world of perpetual acceleration in which the brand wants you to experience to the fullest by letting you cherish what you have while it lasts.


Marcelle Novelli
Josephine Kuipers
Joost de Jong
Rachel de Gooijer
Demi Hoekstra
Marlijn Huizing
Loes Kleijngeld
Leila Arató


Maria Budniak
Sabine Caspers
Margo Compen
Beau van Dam

Naniko Gmiadaschvili
Marit Harte
Steffi Vugts


Dayana Angelova
Merel Beemster

Heide Both
Layla Brizzio Brentar
Edlyn Rose Divina
Ferry Schiffelers
Myrna Slagt

Eva Sonneveld