Survival of the Finest


As iNDiViDUALS’ 25th generation, we aimed to be part of a revolution by actively sharing our knowledge instead of protecting it. As part of a new and sustainable approach,  we did away with the usual runway collection and put the accent on process and research. The project was presented in an audiovisual, immersive exhibition, that attracted a mix of students and creatives as well as relevant industry people and press.

During ‘Survival of The Finest”, iNDiViDUALS questions the industry’s working methods by re-evaluating the process of creating a fashion brand. Visitors were guided through experiments, divided over different areas, that showcased different steps within the process of creating a brand and the clothing iNDiViDUALS designed.  

Survival of the Finest represents a way of working with and not against each other, using each others skill-set to learn and evolve. In the current state of fashion, the process is left out and the spotlight is put on the collection shown on the runway. We chose to spread awareness about the challenges our industry faces and work towards a more sustainable, open-source like industry.

Why hide when you can show off?