“Always Fresh!”
Brand 2018-2020

SOAP!  was initiated by me and Lola during our studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Together we occasionally slipped between the cracks of  the school system to explore on our own. Putting our branding knowledge into practice and learning about the design and production process of garments along the way, it escalated quickly from innocent play to a serious business - with lots of fun, but mostly failures.

Born out of a craving for childish play and mischief, SOAP!  was initially named after soap bubbles in 17th century art - a symbol of ephemeral youth, fun and foolishness. Bringing together good vibes, a touch of old school and an (un)healthy dose of cheesiness, SOAP! created streetwear that takes cues from childhood-inspired stories and the mundane of everyday life.

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Creative direction
Marcelle Novelli & Lola Vogels


Marcelle Novelli

Lola Vogels & Tessa Ruger


Ashwin Lindo, 

Reiky de Valk, Noah Canales