Graduation project part I (here part II)


Just as we want to feel good in a space, we want to feel liberated in the way we dress. In fact, both our homes and clothes provide shelter and express who we are. So, what if Ikea could reimagine people’s wardrobes? For my graduation project, I tried to answer that question by analyzing Ikea’s democratic design approach and the power of mass production to create a circular collection. 


Responding to our endless search for authenticity in an era marked by the abundace of choices, GARDEROB reimagines the wardrobe by simply decluttering it to 8 essentials, coming as a pack instead of individual pieces. With GARDEROB, Ikea explores the idea of doing more with less, by providing for the basic needs in everyday dressing. GARDEROB questions the idea of authenticity and asks the wearer: What makes the garment you?