Fake Fashion Party


As iNDiViDUALS’ 25th generation, our mission was to create only what is necessary. We took an important event in the fashion calendar, the product launch, and did it a little differently. Doing away with a guest list, free drinks, VIPS and the ubiquitous after party - we highlighted the banality of fashion events most people attend remembering the ‘packaging’ rather than the product itself. By staging a fake event in an empty parking lot, we proved that a fashion party doesn’t need to take place in order to showcase a product.

The fake party aftermovie:

Video by Thomas Waaijenberg & Joachim Spruit | Very Rare Agency

The first step was giving a sneak peek of the new collection. We did that through a look book shoot. The collection wasn’t quite finished (we only had two coats) but, well, nobody needed to know. We finished off the looks with clothes from our own closets and shot them in the woods near the office.